Jolokia Javascript Client library

The user manual for the Jolokia Javascript client library is contained in Reference Manual. This document concentrates on more technical aspects.


This library comes with a test webapplication for integration testing this library from within a browser. The submodule test-app creates a WAR artifact which can be deployed in a servlet container. The Jolokia agent is contained and reachable under the URL /jolokia. The unit tests can be found at

jolokia-test.html QUnit tests for the base library
jolokia-simple-test.html QUnit tests for the simple API
jolokia-all-test.html All the tests above combined

This test-app is also configured for Jetty, so a

mvn jetty:run-exploded

will startup a Jetty and deploy this test application.

In order to simplify development of unit-test a shell script is included which can be used in unix like OSs to create symbolic links to the Javascript files in the source directories. A typical workflow looks like:

  • Initialize:
    mvn clean install
                  mvn jetty:run-exploded
  • Edit and save the Javascript files (e.g. jolokia.js or jolokia-test.js)
  • Reload the test HTML files in the browser