OSGi Agent

For using an agent within an OSGi container, Jolokia comes with agents packaged OSGi bundles. They come in two flavours:

  • The standard bundle which requires an OSGi HttpService as specified by the OSGi group. Prominent implementations of this service are Pax Web and Apache Felix HttpService. This bundle fits best the OSGi philosophy of modularity and is hence the recommended bundle.
  • A all-in-one bundle with no external dependencies except to the org.osgi.service.log.LogService OSGi bundle. It includes the Apache Felix HttpService which in turn includes a Jetty server. T embedded Jetty server and is suitable for situations where ease of deployment is more important than modularity.

Note, that some OSGi container (like Eclipse Virgo) comes with a so called Web extender which allows for deployment of standard Webarchives (war). For such container, there is a choice between the OSGi bundle and the WAR agent, where the later is probably easier to deploy since there is already an HTTP server running in such containers, which not necessarily export an OSGi HTTP service required by the standard bundle.

More details about the OSGi agents can be found in the Jolokia reference manual.