The best place to get Jolokia support is the GitHub discussions page or GitHub issues page. You’ll find Jolokia own issues and get a glance at current development status.

You can ask questions, report issues and you’ll find developers from different time zones ready to answer your questions.


Jolokia uses GitHub as source repository and employs a Fork + Pull Model for development. The git clone URL is [email protected]:jolokia/jolokia.git.

We are always looking for volunteers to enhance Jolokia. If you would like start to participate, we suggest the following way:

  • Check for an open feature request you like or open bug at GitHub.

  • Fork Jolokia by visiting the project page (use "Fork" from the menu).

  • Your contribution must be donated under the Apache Public License and you should sign-off your commits that you conform to the Developer Certificate of Origin (i.e. that you have written the code on your own). To do so, add a line Signed-off-by: Your Name <[email protected]> to your commit message. (git -s will do this for you). Only real names are allowed here.

  • After finishing your implementation, send a pull request.

  • After briefly reviewing the code contribution, it will integrated into relevant branch of the repository.

Please note, that all the contributed code must be licensed under Apache License Version 2 and you must sign-off the contribution (see above).

Your Support for Jolokia

Jolokia is free software, released under the business friendly Apache License. That’s mostly because I believe that open source software is the real driving force behind software innovation and I highly appreciate the fine pieces of open source software engineering I had the luck to use in my daily work. I love this.

Nevertheless, if you want to support the development of Jolokia (it is still a hobby project) and you like this software you can flattr it.