Jolokia is remote JMX with JSON over HTTP.
It is fast, simple, polyglot and has unique features. It's JMX on Capsaicin.

Jolokia is a JMX-HTTP bridge giving an alternative to JSR-160 connectors. It is an agent based approach with support for many platforms. In addition to basic JMX operations it enhances JMX remoting with unique features like bulk requests and fine grained security policies.

Starting points


Jolokia 2.0.3 released


Jolokia 2.0.3 is released with 3 minor fixes. Certificate chains are handled better (thanks Shay Elkin!) and we know allow to configure how long values are handled during JSON serialization.

Refer to changelog for detailed information about the release.

Jolokia 2.0.2 released


Spring time is approaching and we’ve skimmed through some old issues to clean them up. Jolokia 2.0.2 is released with few minor fixes. Most notably, write-only JMX attributes are now handled correctly and heuristic Jolokia shutdown thread is replaced with proper JVM shutdown hook.

We’ve also ensured that all tests pass on IBM versions of JDK.

Refer to changelog for detailed information about the release.

Jolokia 2.0.1 released


Following the big 2.0.0 release last year, we continue to improve Jolokia by clearing the backlog and adding new features and improvements.

With 2.0.1 release we’re fixing custom log handler configuration. We also integrate better with Spring Boot Actuator by handling management.endpoint.jolokia.enabled property.

As always, please refer to changelog for more details.

Jolokia 2.0 arrives: A new chapter begins!


jolokia2 presents

We are excited to announce the long-awaited release of Jolokia 2.0, now available in Maven Central.

This release is a result of our dedicated effort in reviewing, restructuring, refactoring, and polishing. Here’s what Jolokia 2.0 brings to the table:

  • Support for JakartaEE 9+ (Servlet API 5+ with jakarta.servlet packages)

  • Enhanced connectivity with JMX notifications

  • Integration with Spring Boot 3 and Spring Framework 6

  • A fresh, pluggable service-based architecture

  • A revamped and user-friendly Reference Manual powered by Antora

  • JDK 11 is the minimal version of JDK required. Spring related Jolokia modules require JDK 17. (No worries, we’re still supporting Jolokia 1.x with minimal version of JDK 1.6 supported).

And that’s not all. We’re already planning more frequent updates, including exciting new features like websockets and IPv6 support.

Jolokia 2 also gears up to seamlessly integrate with the upcoming Hawtio 4.0!

It should be straightforward to upgrade to new Jolokia 2 in JVM agent mode. WAR agent users should use any compatible JakartaEE 9+ container. Check out our Migration to 2.x guide for more information.

Your support and patience over these years have been incredible. We’re grateful for your enduring loyalty. Let’s end this year on a high note and step into 2024 with new energy and possibilities!

Warm regards,
Grzegorz, Tadayoshi, Roland

Jolokia has a new home!


Yes, finally we moved Jolokia from my (rhuss) personal account to a dedicated GitHub organisation: I’m super happy that the story of Jolokia continues and you will see quite some new faces very soon. Thanks Tadayoshi, Grzegorz, AurĂ©lien and all the other fine folks from Red Hat who started to revive Jolokia. Also, Jolokia 2.0 becomes a realistic option again. Stay tuned!