Webarchive (WAR) Agent

This agent is most suitable for Java EE environments. It gets deployed as a usual web archive. The specific deployment procedure depends on the Java EE server in used. E.g. for Tomcat, copy the war agent into the webapps/ directory.

The war agent comes in two flavors:

  • jolokia.war which is secured with a role "jolokia". So you need to setup your servlet container to connect this role to your authentication setup (like the tomcat-users.xml for Tomcat)
  • jolokia-unsecured.war is completely unsecured and might be useful for a quick evaluation. Please note that this unauthenticated access should be ony used for development purposes. Check out reference manual for details how to enable security.

As soon as it is deployed, the agents offers its services under the URL of the deployed web application. For Tomcat running with its standard configuration the agent is then reachable under


Setup and configuration of the WAR agent is explained detailed in the reference manual.