JayDay 2013

The slides to my talk for the small but very fine JayDay 2013 are online. These are "implemented" in JavaScript including live demos, where the JavaScript can be directly inserted in the browser (tested with Chrome and Firefox). For the sample code, simply push the blue buttons at the bottom of a demo slide.

jayday2013 title

Devoxx 2011

Here’s my talk from Devoxx 2011 which is now freely available on Parleys. Well, as explained here I was quite nervous on my first Devoxx talk, so please concentrate on the facts and fade out the speaker ;-)

The slides with included videos are also available at Slideshare:

OSMC 2011

This talk from the Open Source Monitoring Conference was given 2011 in Nuremberg. It focuses on the integration of Jolokia within Nagios and was given in German. I was the 'Java guy' this year. It was my third time at OSMC and it was as always a big pleasure to meet the Nagios folks and catering was phantastic, too ;-)


This screencast demos the cousin of j4psh, osgish an Perl bases OSGi shell which uses Jolokia and Aries for managing OSGi container. It works well, but is still yet some sort of prototype. The screencast is cool nevertheless ;-)