Jolokia 1.7.2

Jolokia can be downloaded in two variants: As a binary release including the agents and the client libraries and the reference manual (PDF and HTML). The source release contains the complete source tree mirroring the repository on GitHub.

The agents and the client library can be downloaded directly from our maven repository, too:

Artifact Download
WAR-Agent jolokia-war-1.7.2.war
WAR-Agent (unsecured) jolokia-war-unsecured-1.7.2.war
Osgi-Agent jolokia-osgi-1.7.2.jar
Osgi-Agent (full bundle) jolokia-osgi-bundle-1.7.2.jar
Mule-Agent jolokia-mule-1.7.2-agent.jar
JVM-Agent jolokia-jvm-1.7.2.jar
Java Client Library jolokia-client-java-1.7.2.jar
Jolokia JSR-160 JMX Adapter jolokia-jmx-adapter-1.7.2-standalone.jar
Jolokia JSR-160 JMX Adapter Kubernetes Extension jolokia-kubernetes-1.7.2-standalone.jar

Javascript Library

The Jolokia Javascript client library comes in two variants: jolokia.js contains the basics and can be used with its request() for sending JSON requests. jolokia-simple.js adds on this code and provides a simplified API for Jolokia request, but is slightly less powerful. Finally, jolokia-cubism.js contains the Jolokia Cubism integration which adds Jolokia as a data source. The -min versions are compressed with all documentation stripped off and recommended for production use.

Script Download
Base script jolokia.js
Base script, compressed jolokia-min.js
Simplified API jolokia-simple.js
Simplified API, compressed jolokia-simple-min.js
Jolokia Cubism Integration jolokia-cubism.js
Jolokia Cubism Integration, compressed jolokia-cubism-min.js


The main agent functionality is encapsulated in a core jar, which can be easily used in own projects. Also, the Java client library can be used as a Maven dependency. The dependencies are




The Javascript library can easily be used as Maven dependency by use of javascript-maven-plugin:


Use a classifier compressed for referencing to the compressed versions. A full example, including the plugin configuration can be found in the Reference Manual

The released Jolokia artifacts as well as SNAPSHOTS are available from Maven central.